Day Service

Greenco’s Day Service is tailored to your life by providing a broad range of opportunities to help you maintain current skills and acquire new skills. This allows you to develop and maintain a sense of pride. Activities are tailored to your strengths and needs. Our goal is to meet each person’s choice for customized services. Activities can include areas such as: Arts and crafts; music and karaoke; cooking and baking; games and puzzles; movies; coffee and social time; community outings; music; and time with animals.

Community Integration

Greenco’s Day Services help individuals become involved with social activities within the community. Community Integration can involve events such as shopping, lunch at restaurants, craft activities within the community, and music performances.

Pre Vocational

Pre vocational activities include paid work, how to communicate with employers and employees, how to be job ready, hygiene and social interactions.  Commensurate wage rates are paid according to the special minimum wage rate under section 14(c). This allows your earnings to be reflective of your productivity. Participants involved with Commensurate Wage, Special Minimum Wage 14(c) need to be over 25 years of age and have a qualifying disability. Work opportunities may also be available at hourly rates. Pre Vocational is a great offering for people that have a goal of seeking paid employment within the community. 


Volunteering in the community can be a great way to help other people or organizations. Greenco has a partnership with Meals on Wheels for delivering meals to local residents. We look forward to adding other areas of interest to our volunteer program.

Community Rehabilitation 

Greenco Industries is a Community  Rehabilitation Program that proudly serves the regions of Green and Lafayette Counties in southern Wisconsin. Every two years Greenco goes through the process of Certification for Authorizing Special Minimum Wage Rates. This process authorizes the employment of workers with disabilities at our location. This is a great way to build your work skills. The ultimate goal is for people to obtain competitive employment within their community.

Individual Planning 

Greenco services are based upon the Member Centered Plan. Your plan contains all the goals and objectives you want to achieve. You can schedule a meeting to discuss your services or plan at any time.

The Member Centered Plan may include goals and objectives from other areas that are important to you. 

Even though someone else may be your official case manager, a Greenco staff person will be assigned as your Greenco case manager to help you plan services provided by Greenco. You can talk with your Greenco case manager about any questions you may have.

Your personal file  is confidential. Your records are available to you and your advocate. A Release of Information form is required to give copies, information, photos or reports to people outside of Greenco. Greenco may release emergency medical information and a photo for identification when necessary.

Community Employment

Community Employment involves working with private employers. This is a career-oriented service with continuing opportunities to improve your job skills. Community Employment may include an individual functional assessment, job development, job placement and job coaching. Your work location, hours, rate of pay, fringe benefits and type of work will depend upon the job and your employer’s policies. Greenco offers support for Community Employment throughout your work week.

Most community jobs are for one or two individuals. Greenco also has enclave job sites. An enclave is a group of individuals with disabilities working in the community with people without disabilities. Greenco’s community sites have been very successful.

You are free to choose the type of work that interests you. Community Employment gives you the opportunity to grow your career.

Area Employers

Is your business looking for a way to find labor and talent to meet your growing needs?

Your business can eliminate the hiring costs associated with onboarding employees for assembly, packaging and labeling. At Greenco our employees have a strong desire and work ethic for being successful. By partnering with Greenco we can manage the costs for specific items on a per piece cost or at an hourly rate. Talk with us! Greenco has solutions to address your labor needs.


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